Tips for Optimizing Space in a One-Bedroom or Studio Apartment in Cincinnati

August 25, 2016

One-Bedroom_Apt_Cinci.jpgHow you store and organize your belongings in a studio or one-bedroom apartment is usually the difference between the space feeling cluttered or comfortable. Not sure how to make more from less? Follow these handy tips:

Make Use of Vertical Wall Space

Storing things near the floor and against the walls quickly makes limited space feel a little close and claustrophobic. Avoid low, wide storage shelves and dressers and opt for tall, thin ones instead. You'll use more of your vertical space for storage, and create "empty" space along the walls, making your apartment home feel larger.

Utilize Nooks and Crannies

Resist the temptation to keep a lot of items out and on display, especially those you don't use every day. With a little ingenuity you can “find” room in cupboards, cabinets and closets. For example, place a few hooks inside your kitchen cabinet doors to hang measuring cups, and stash seldom-used holiday decorations on the top shelf of a closet where they are out of sight but still accessible.

Don't Buy Furniture You Won't Use

Far too often, apartment dwellers buy certain pieces of furniture just because they’re trendy. But, if you'll never use that must-have coffee table, nightstand or kitchen cart, it's simply going to take up space that’s already in short supply. Before you buy furniture, ask yourself how you'll use it. If the answer is "I don't know" or "I won't use it," leave the furniture in the store.

Make Accent Pieces Meaningful

Instead of decorating with loads of local discount store wall art and knick-knacks, keep it simple by choosing a few pieces that really have meaning to you. These could be photos, potted plants  or maybe sculptures you purchased while on vacation. Leaving more “empty” space on your walls makes your apartment home feel more open, and it reinforces the visual appeal of the pieces you really enjoy.

Furnish With Storage

When shopping for furniture, opt for pieces that incorporate storage space. Choose an entertainment center with a cabinet enclosure rather than one with a single shelf, or purchase a hinged ottoman rather than a basic foot stool. This will give you more more options for no-fuss decluttering.

Making the most of space in a studio or one-bedroom apartment home requires planning and constant attention to detail. Have any of these decorating tips worked for you, or do you have more tips to share? Fill us in using the comments below!

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