Tips for Winter Moving in Cincinnati

January 03, 2017

Moving_in_Winter-Cinci.jpgWinters in the Cincinnati area are not too snowy, but the chilly temperatures can still make moving a hassle. If you're planning a winter move to a new apartment home, here are some tips to simplify the process keep you safe:

1. Dress in Layers

While you’ll feel chilly at the beginning, it won’t be long before you start sweating. Being able to remove layers will help you stay comfortable throughout the move.

2. Have Hot and Cold Beverages On Hand

Coffee, tea, and other warm beverages are important to have on hand during winter moves, but don’t forget about water either. Avoid the risk of dehydration by drinking water between each load, and encouraging your helpers to do so as well.

3. Set Some Extra Gloves Aside

Your gloves may get wet, rip, or you might decide you need some extra protection during the move. A few days before your move, purchase some extra pairs of gloves and have them on hand for whoever needs them.

4. Unload Electronics First

Electronics are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so make them the last thing you put in the moving truck and the first thing you take out. If the back of your moving truck isn’t heated, you might want to keep the electronics in the cab with you.

5. Put Mats Down Inside the Door

You don't want to track salt and ice into your clean, new apartment home. Bring some inexpensive floor mats you don't mind throwing away and place them inside your apartment home so you can enter and unload boxes without having to take your shoes off each time.

Have you moved to the Cincinnati area during the winter? What precautions did you take? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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