6 Must-Have Apartment Amenities in Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(September 20, 2016)

corpus-christi-fitness-center-lrg.jpgWith so many options available, it’s no wonder many people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of searching for an apartment home. However, defining your “must-have” features can help streamline this process and help you focus on finding an apartment that suits your needs. Here are six amenities to consider:

1. Swimming Pool

In the sweltering Corpus Christi summers, a swimming pool is a must-have amenity for apartment dwellers. Make sure you take a stroll by the pool area as you’re comparing apartment communities. Even if the pool isn’t in season, you can take a look at the sunning deck, lounge chairs, and overall size and cleanliness of the area.

2. Fitness Center

A fitness center is a fairly standard feature for apartment communities, but the best locations offer 24-hour facilities. Check to see if the community offers the equipment you need for your favorite fitness routines, whether that’s a handy treadmill and free weights or a space for yoga and Pilates.

3. Pet-Friendly Areas

Do you have furry friends in your family? Look for an apartment community with features just for them. This may include a leash-free fenced play area for dogs or easy to clean hardwood-style flooring. It’s important for your pets to feel as comfortable and at-home as you do.

4. Laundry Facilities

Laundry is an unfortunate fact of life, and something you’ll always have to deal with, so make sure you’re choosing an apartment community that makes laundry easy. While on-site laundry is a nice touch, washers and dryers within your own apartment home is even better. The closer you are to your laundry facilities, the easier it is to get this task done.

5. Appliances

Appliances like a fridge and stove are standard in nearly all apartments, but there are some other features you won’t find everywhere. If you don’t have your own microwave, look for apartment homes with microwaves conveniently built-in. Not only will this save you the expense of purchasing this appliance, it will also free up precious counter space. A dishwasher and garbage disposal are also convenient amenities you won’t want to live without.

6. Clubhouse Comforts

The community clubhouse in your apartment community is a common gathering area where you can meet your neighbors, relax, and host social events. Make sure your clubhouse offers a cozy place to hang out, and look for amenities like a complimentary coffee bar and free Wi-Fi that make the clubhouse even more appealing.

What are your must-have amenities for a Corpus Christi apartment? Share your favorite features with us in the comments section below!

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