7 Ways to Add Color to Your Corpus Christi Apartment Without Paint

Jean Jones
(February 23, 2016)

Add-Color-Without-Paint-CC.jpgAre you ready to give your Springs at Corpus Christi apartment home a decor facelift? Maybe you've just moved in and you can't wait to start putting your personal stamp on your place.  

Creative interior design is not dependent on changing the wall color. Use these inventive tips to dress up your apartment with color or use them as a launching pad for your own imaginative ideas.

1. Build Layers of Mix-and-Match Color

The difference is in the details. Instead of making a major statement through a large piece of furniture or prominent wall hanging, use accessories such as throw pillows, lamp shades and vases for layers of color. Update the look any time you like by changing only a couple of pieces instead of the entire room.

2. Color Outside the Lines

Colorful textiles and prints from Asia, Africa and South America add an exotic touch. Shop online from the comfort of home or browse the vendor booths at flea markets and outdoor festivals.

3. Paint Furniture and Accessories

If you're just dying to break out a paint brush, take a look at end tables, wooden chairs, bookcases and other furnishings that would perk right up with a coat of color. Embrace the DIY spirit by searching resale and consignment shops for interesting pieces in need of some TLC.

4. Surround Art with Art

Photos and artwork are popular ways of adding color, but why stop there? Instead of using neutral-colored frames, choose ones with interesting colors and patterns. For a quirky and modern look, display wall art using one of these non-frame framing styles.

5. Create an Oasis of Color

Your bedroom is your private retreat. In this inner sanctuary, you can indulge any of your colorful dreams and visions. Sheets, blankets and bed covers have come a long way from the days of plain white and solid neutrals. An upholstered headboard makes a luxurious and dramatic centerpiece.

6. Practical Doesn't Mean Boring

Do you purchase items like storage containers, file boxes and kitchen canisters for function instead of style? You'll be surprised what a difference it makes when you combine both qualities.  

7. Decorating the "Outdoor" Room

Think of your balcony or patio as an extension of your apartment. Turn it up a notch with colorful seating and mini-gardens.

Share your favorite decorating tip with us in the comments!

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