How To Celebrate National Goof Off Day in Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(March 17, 2015)


Does a designated day for goofing off seem like a wonderful but faraway dream? Get ready for this dream to come true when National Goof Off Day rolls around on Sunday, March 22. According to Wikipedia, goofing off is a term for indulging in idle activities "while obligations of work or society are neglected." In other words, the less productive the activity, the better.

You may be so accustomed to using your time efficiently that you're drawing a blank on how to celebrate this welcome holiday. Here are some fun-filled time-wasters to get you started.

Take a Nap

Remember when you were a kid and hated nap time? Now you'd give anything to be able to grab some shuteye. Curl up in bed or on your comfy sofa and enjoy the delights of a midday siesta.

Do Some Binge-watching

Thanks to DVRs, DVDs and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, you no longer have to be a slave to the TV schedule. Spend some guilt-free tube time getting up-to-date on The Walking Dead or catching up on a series you missed like Breaking Bad.

Go Window-shopping

Your schedule may keep you too busy to do any frivolous shopping. Head out to the mall and leisurely browse through the shops, building a real or fantasy wish list. Don't forget to take a break for a giant pretzel and frappuccino or other food court favorites.

Take in Some Corpus Christi Attractions lists the top Corpus Christi attractions based on positive reviews from its users. Why not visit (or revisit) the U.S.S. Lexington, stroll along Padre Island National Seashore, take in an event at Whataburger Field or ride Horses On The Beach – our top 4 according to this popular travel website. After all, these activities aren’t just for visitors!

Have a Video Game Marathon

This is one day when you don't have to tear yourself away from the PlayStation or Xbox. Stock up on snacks and challenge a friend to a Game of War or Mortal Kombat tournament.

Catch up on Celebrity Gossip

Do you find that you're out of the loop on the latest Hollywood romance or feud? Pick up copies of National Enquirer, People, Us and all the other tabloids and bring yourself up to speed on who's dating whom.

Visit the Pool or Dog Park

If you’re a Springs resident, goof off by taking advantage of some of the on-site amenities. Relax in the clubhouse, have a cookout by the pool, or hang out with other pet lovers at the fenced, leash-free dog park.

Surf Social Media 

For once you don't have to steal time to sneak a peek at the latest Facebook updates. Check out profiles and statuses to your heart's content. If you're not already a social media pro, explore some other engaging platforms like Instagram or Vine.

What's your favorite way to goof off when you don't have to justify how you spend your time? Tell us how you will be celebrating National Goof Off Day at your Springs Apartments home!

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