Let the Sunshine in Your Corpus Christi Apartment with 4 Clever Window Treatment Ideas

Jean Jones
(April 06, 2016)

Window-Treatment-Ideas-CC.jpgWindow treatments make a dramatic impact on a room's look, setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Our Springs at Corpus Christi apartment homes come with wood-look blinds that are attractive as is, but they also blend well with a number of different styles. Make your own design statement with one of these creative window treatments.

1. Patterned Sheers

Sheer drapes allow natural light into the room even when they're closed, so you can control the amount simply by adjusting the blinds. The light filters through the pattern for a striking look.

2. Valances

Valances are short decorative drapes that provide a frame to set off the window. They can be used alone or in combination with full-size drapes. A valance is often gathered or ruffled, but a popular style is draped at the top with long sides that hang down, similar to a scarf.

3. Window Film

If you enjoy changing your decor periodically, window film is a good option. It's simple to install, easy to remove and comes in a wide variety of styles. The translucent look admits natural light while affording privacy, and it cuts down on UV rays and uncomfortable glare.

4. DIY Drapes

Create one of these window treatments that incorporates your personal style for a unique look.

  • A length of drop cloth literally provides a blank canvas for stencils or other artistic effects. As a bonus, the material is 100 percent natural and extremely durable.
  • Convert sheets, shower curtains or tablecloths into drapes. Buy new or repurpose an old set.
  • Invest in an inexpensive set of plain white curtains and decorate them as simply or elaborately as you like. Accessorize with items such as beads, fringe, ribbon, or even paint. If you like, dye them for a customized color.
  • Turn vintage scarves into charming patchwork curtains.

Do you have an imaginative idea that we missed? Share it with us in the comments!

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