5 Tips for Trailing Spouses to Turn a New City into a New Home

February 20, 17


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Have you found yourself in a new city because of an opportunity that was too good for your mate to pass up? In 1981 a journalist for the Wall Street Journal coined the term "trailing spouse" as an affectionate nickname for this increasingly common situation.

Despite the casual reference, the reality is that a trailing spouse is dealing with even more change than his or her mate. If you’re a trailing spouse, use these tips to turn the move from a chore to an adventure. You may find that your new apartment home is where your heart is!

1. Have a Positive Attitude

This sounds simplistic, yet people often fail to realize that their frame of mind greatly influences their situation. Even if you have to fake it in the beginning, the inner you will eventually catch up.

2. Check with Your Spouse's Company for Employment Assistance

Many companies today offer relocation assistance packages for their employees that include help finding employment for spouses. Even if the company doesn't have a formal program, they may still be able to provide resources. Sometimes they may even have internal positions available that don't conflict with your spouse's job.

3. Take New Opportunities for a Spin

Maybe there’s a different career that interests you, or you've always wanted to become active in volunteering. Why not take advantage of this time to try something new that you couldn't or wouldn't do in your previous city? Change can be scary, but it's also invigorating when you allow it to be.

4. Keep Your Family Traditions ... and Maybe Start New Ones

No matter where you find yourself, your family is the one constant. Continuing your special traditions, such as going out for Sunday brunch or making a day out of selecting pumpkins, helps maintain a balance that anchors you amidst all the changes. Adding a new tradition makes the city feel more like home, especially if it's one that involves a unique aspect of your surroundings.

5. Give Yourself Time

While it's important to stay positive, you also need to be realistic. It's exceedingly rare for anyone to feel at home immediately in a new city. Don't be discouraged if it takes some time to adapt. Few worthwhile endeavors happen overnight. 

Our Springs Apartments team wants you to feel comfortable in your new city and home. Make use of our amenities like leash-free dog parks and community clubhouses to have fun and meet your neighbors. We also regularly sponsor social events that give our residents a chance to relax and mingle.

Is there a valuable tip that helped you through a major move? Share it with us in the comments!

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