A 6-Point Checklist for Finding Your Ideal Neighborhood

July 26, 17


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

When you view one of our Springs Apartments homes as a prospective resident, you no doubt have firm ideas about what you want and don't want in terms of amenities. Do you have an equally solid way to evaluate the neighborhood outside our community, or do you leave that to chance? Add these features to your checklist for a well-rounded assessment of your new home, inside and out.

1. Lifestyle Compatibility

Do you love the energy and excitement of the city, or do you head for the outdoors every chance you get? Maybe you have a young family that enjoys spending time together. Look for a neighborhood that affords easy access to the amenities and activities you value most.

2. Ease of Transportation

Good roads and a comfortable commute to work are only two parts of the equation. As society continues to incorporate green initiatives, alternate eco-friendly means of transportation have become increasingly important. Walk Score grades cities, neighborhoods, and even specific addresses based on ease of walking and biking plus availability of public transportation. 

3. Educational Opportunities

While a good school system is crucial for most parents, this category is not restricted to families. Ongoing education is an important part of many people's lives, whether it's for career advancement or personal enrichment. If this applies to you, proximity to post-secondary institutions or adult education facilities can make an area more attractive to you. 

4. Access to Quality Health Care

Health care may seem like a given, but you don't want to wait until the event of an illness or accident to learn your options. Make sure physicians, dentists, emergency care, and any other types of providers you need are within convenient distance. DoctorDirectory has a searchable database for providers, hospitals and walk-in clinics, while Mouth Healthy will give you the names of dentists in the community.

Does your household include a four-legged member? He needs good care too! Check out the directory at Vetstreet

5. Convenient Shopping and Services

You don't want to spend the bulk of your errand time traveling from place to place. Determine the proximity of grocery stores, banks, and any other types of businesses you use on a regular basis.

6. Municipal Services

Where are the closest police station and fire station? Does the city have a robust library system? Public services offered by a city or community are a major indication of livability.

Do you have a community feature on your list that's a must-have? Share it with us in the comments! 

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