7 Tips for Finding The Best Apartment in Des Moines

September 16, 15


Does the idea of apartment hunting send a cold chill down your spine? It doesn't have to be a tedious, drawn-out process. Just as with any project, using an organized approach makes a world of difference. Here are seven tips for conducting an efficient and fruitful apartment search in Des Moines.

1. Narrow Your Focus

Don't feel obligated to personally check out every apartment you come across. The Internet allows you to get a good feel for many of them through websites or online listings. Make a list of the handful of apartments that best suit your wants and needs and then plan an in-person visit.

2. Document the Data on a Spreadsheet

When you're looking at several apartments, it's difficult to keep track of what you learned about each one. While many leasing offices provide brochures and other guides, who wants to keep shuffling through them? It takes only a few moments to create a spreadsheet where you can log pertinent information such as size, rent and amenities. Add any other notes that will help you remember your impressions.

3. Be Mindful of Your Work Commute

A long work commute may seem a worthwhile sacrifice for a great apartment, but the reality can turn out to be a whole different story. You'll ultimately be much happier if you find a home that strikes a balance between personal appeal and work demands. Springs at Waukee and Springs at Jordan Creek are both only a 20-25 minute drive to downtown Des Moines and even closer to I-35 and I-80 for easy access to the entire metro area.

4. Consult a Resource Guide

Take advantage of a resource guide, like the Ultimate Apartment Search Guide, that will provide you with ideas for evaluating apartment locations, ways you can rate and prioritize features and amenities, and potential questions that you should ask apartment management. 

5. Know the Deal Breakers on Your Wish List

You may be fortunate enough to hit pay dirt and find an apartment with all the amenities you're hoping for, but it's more likely that you may have to compromise on some. Decide ahead of time which features are an absolute must. Bringing your precious dog or cat along? Springs Apartments loves pets and even welcomes larger breeds. Want to maintain your healthy lifestyle? Springs at Waukee and Springs at Jordan Creek have 24-hour fitness centers and resort-style pools. 

6. Be Prepared to Move Forward 

Competition for the best apartment homes is high, so it helps to be ready when you find the right one. Have application information such as employer contact and rental history on hand to avoid processing delays. Obtain a copy of your credit report to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises when your potential landlord runs a check.

7. Read the Lease ... Then Read it Again 

No one enjoys reading contracts, but you can save yourself trouble down the road by understanding the policies upfront. If there is a condition you can't live with, better to find out ahead of time. 

Learn more about why your new home search ends with Springs at Waukee and Springs at Jordan Creek. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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