Deciding Between 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments in Des Moines

January 27, 16

The process of choosing a new apartment comes with several things to consider, such as whether you should rent a one- or two-bedroom apartment to meet your lifestyle needs.

Even if you plan to live by yourself, having an extra bedroom at home can come in handy when entertaining overnight guests or accommodating hobbies that require some extra space. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment requires a little more housekeeping, which can be a nuisance if the second room isn’t used regularly.

It’s a good idea to take some time to consider whether a one or two bedroom apartment is in your best interest both now and in the long term. Here are a few points to consider to help make your decision a little easier:

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Make a list of the different hobbies and lifestyle interests you have and document all of the tools, resources, and accessories you need to store in order to fulfill those interests. Whether you like to sew, scrapbook, play sports, research history, or study the stars, a second bedroom may be a convenience that’s worth the extra expense. If you tend to spend your time watching television, reading, or using the computer, and you don’t entertain overnight guests often, a one-bedroom apartment might be a more cost-effective and manageable option for you.

What Kind of Amenities Are You After?

It’s also important to make a list of your preferred amenities when comparing apartment options. Put all of your must-have amenities at the top of the list. These are your deal breakers which will help quickly eliminate apartments that don’t offer those essentials. You may find that this answers your one- or two-bedroom question from the start. If you get to the point where you are choosing between an in-home washer and dryer or a second bedroom, your must-have amenity list should help keep you on track!

Do You Like to Entertain?

If you enjoy entertaining guests for meals and evening events, as opposed to overnight stays, a second bedroom can be a big help when you invite people over. You can place a dining table in the second room to accommodate large dinner parties, turn the extra space into a yoga area for you and your friends, or set up a man cave. If you have friends over a lot, it’s well worth considering the investment in a two-bedroom apartment.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help set you up for a much more comfortable experience once you settle into your new Des Moines apartment. Have any other tips for deciding which apartment style suites your needs? Share them in the comments section.

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