End of Summer Grilling Tips

September 04, 17

Chicagoland Grilling Tips.jpgThe end of summer is quickly approaching. If you're like many other people, you're trying to get in all the grilling fun you can. We have some grilling tips that are designed to make the end of summer 2017 as celebratory and delicious as possible. 

1. Take Your Time

Whether you're cooking with coals, wood or gas, allow plenty of time for your grill to heat up. Wood and coals need at least 30 minutes to do so and should be gray in color before you start cooking. Even gas needs time to fully reach the right temperature and for the grates to heat up. 

2. Keep it Covered

It can be tempting to keep checking on the grilling food to make sure that it's cooking at the right speed without burning. Every time you lift the lid, though, not only do you lose heat -- which reduces the temperature inside the grill quickly -- you allow flavorful smoke to escape as well. In order to keep that delicious smoke under the grill's hood where it belongs and maintain an even temperature, aim to turn the meat only once during cooking. 

3. Practice Flame Control

Flipping the food you're grilling to ensure that it is cooked evenly and deliciously on all sides not only seems like it makes sense, it's also a fun part of grilling out in West Des Moines and Waukee. Whenever you flip meat, though, the fatty juices are released which then drip down only the hot coals or burners below. This results in the flames flaring up and burning the food. 

Instead, limit yourself to flipping meats only once and use a pair of tongs to do so. Using a fork means that you'll pierce the meat, allowing the juices to escape. This can make your meats -- especially sausage and chicken -- dry and tasteless. 

4. Protect Against Undercooked Food

Undercooked meat is probably one of your most concerning problems when you're grilling out. A meat thermometer is an invaluable tool if you're going to be successful at grilling out. Instead of a traditional one that you need to open the grill lid to use, purchase a remote probe. You simply put the thermometer in your meat and set the alarm. 

If you're like many people, grilling out is one your favorite things to do in Des Moines that helps extend the summer season. At our suburban communities -- Springs at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines and Springs at Waukee in Waukee -- we offer plenty of space for grilling out and getting to know your neighbors. If you're ready to join a vibrant, beautiful and modern neighborhood, contact our friendly customer service staff to learn more about your new home. 

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