How to Make Your Des Moines Apartment Pet Friendly

February 17, 16

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-DM.jpgWe Americans love our pets, as growth in the number of pet-owning households attests: 9 percent more American households own pets today than in 1988, according to an American Pet Products Association survey. 

If you're planning to become one of these 79.7 million pet-owning households, you can maximize the relationship between you and your pet by making your Springs Apartments home more pet friendly. Even if you're a longtime pet owner, you may find the following tips useful for creating a comfortable co-existence between you and your friend. 

Scratching Posts

One of the best ways to help your cat get over its urge to sharpen its claws on your upholstered furniture or rugs is to provide it with a scratching post. Scratching is a normal feline behavior: it’s both exercise and a way to mark territory.

Fabrics and Carpet

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you’ll want furniture fabrics that can withstand paws and claws. Choose fabrics that are easy to clean, such as microfiber suede or synthetic stain- and germ-resistant fabrics. If you're planning to acquire a cat or dog, consider choosing one with a hair color that doesn't contrast too much with the carpet or furniture.

Avoiding Hazards

It pays to think like a dog or cat when you're assessing your apartment home for conditions that might be hazardous to your pet. Cats offer particular challenges, as they can scale curtains and access the higher reaches of your apartment. You may have to stow knickknacks until your kitten or puppy matures enough to leave them alone.

Other safety tips:

  • Secure electrical wires so they can't be chewed. 
  • Secure trash cans and cabinets so pets can't access trash and/or foods that can harm them.
  • Store chemicals in a latched cabinet and keep poisonous plants such as mums, poinsettias and lilies out of reach. 

Mess Management

Any pet, no matter how cute and cuddly, is bound to make a mess at some point. Set up an area close to the front or back door where you can store materials to wipe off your dog's paws after you've been walking or playing with it outdoors. An upholstered banquette with storage space for towels and pet food is ideal.

Did we miss anything? Share your ideas for a more pet-friendly living space in the comments section below.

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