The Cost of Living in Des Moines (compared to other cities)

April 28, 16

cost-of-living-in-des-moines.jpgAre you aware of the low cost of living in Des Moines? A low cost of living gives you the freedom to use more of your income for discretionary purchases and investing for your future. Let's take a look at the details of how Des Moines compares nationally:

Cost of Living Indexes

Sperling's Best Places index gives Des Moines a cost of living index of 82. With 100 as the average cost of living in the United States, you can see that Des Moines is much less expensive than average. Housing (with a rating of 61) is a particularly good value, and health care (85) is also better than average.

If you’re relocating, the C2ER (Council for Community and Economic Research) index allows you to compare the cost of living in two different cities. You can compare your current cost of living with Des Moines to find out if your paycheck will stretch farther.

Des Moines Compared to Other Cities in Iowa

According to AreaVibes, many of the Iowa cities listed in their database have livability ratings between 65 and 85. The livability ratings for each city are based on an algorithm that combines various metrics like cost of living, crime rates, housing cost and availability, climate, and amenities.

Des Moines has a livability rating of 76, which falls into AreaVibes’ "Extremely Livable" category. It receives an A+ in both Cost of Living and Amenities and a B in Education. Cities that rank higher than Des Moines in Iowa include Urbandale (84), Waukee (83), Ames (82), and Norwalk (82). Cities that rank lower include Osceola (75), Pisgah (65), Centralia (69), and Edgewood (69).

Quality of Life

The average city in the United States ranks at a livability score of 72, according to AreaVibes, while Des Moines has a livability score of 76. Therefore, people living in Des Moines are enjoying a higher quality of life than the average American and that's saying something! 

Des Moines receives an A+ in amenities for the many quality things to do and see: golf courses, farmers markets, the Des Moines Symphony, the Blank Park Zoo, and much more.

Our team here at Springs Apartments enjoys being a part of such a high-quality, positive community. What do you love most about Des Moines? Leave your comments below!

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