The Sounds of Silence: Noise Sources to Consider When Evaluating an Apartment Community

August 15, 16


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Tips for evaluating apartment communities usually focus on two main issues: the visual aspect and the amenities. Do interiors look shabby and dated or clean and modern? Are the grounds well-maintained? Is it a pet-friendly community?

It's easy to overlook the fact that sounds are an important factor in a community's overall livability. Minimize the potential for unpleasant surprises by considering these possible noise sources as you visit.

What is the General Noise Level?

This is one of the areas where multiple visits can pay off. It's impossible to know if a single visit is truly representative of normal conditions. Stagger your visits over different times and days of the week for a more complete perspective.

What Do Other Residents Have to Say?

If you have the opportunity, talk to current residents about the community's noise level. They have nothing to gain from lying, so they are likely to give you an honest answer. 

Are the Buildings Well-Constructed?

Check the external doors and windows in the apartment to make sure they are sturdy and fit well in their frames. Gaps make it easier for outdoor sounds to bleed into your home.

Where is the Apartment Located Within the Building?

Beware of apartments that are located right next to stairwells or elevators, which guarantees frequent traffic passing by. Each one of our Springs Apartments homes has a private ground-floor entry, eliminating interior hallways that can be a source of noise from people coming and going.

Is the Building Located on a Busy Street?

Some apartment buildings, especially those in an urban area, are located on a street with a steady traffic flow. Our Springs communities are self-contained with beautifully landscaped grounds, putting a comfortable distance between your apartment and vehicle traffic.

Is the Community Close to a Police or Fire Station? 

Having police and fire stations nearby is a great safety feature, but some people have lower tolerance levels for sirens and flashing lights. If this is you, make sure you are comfortable with whichever trade-off you make: security or quiet.

Our Springs Apartment teams want your resident experience to be pleasant and comfortable. Most of our communities have a Courtesy Officer working to assure the well-being of our residents and maintain a clean, well-tended area. These experienced men and women are a great resource when you need help dealing with unwanted noise or other issues.

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