Tips for Surviving Cold Weather in Des Moines

December 02, 15

Surviving_Cold_Des_Moines.jpgThanksgiving has past and cold weather has settled in. Getting through winter isn’t difficult if you’re prepared. Here are some helpful tips, focusing on three main areas: your car, your apartment and yourself.

Your Car

Before the first freeze, take your car to you favorite mechanic and make sure the oil, coolant and other engine fluids are appropriate for the weather. Check your tires to make sure the pressure is correct. And don't forget your windshield. Keep a windshield de-icer spray handy. They contain ice-melting formulas that not only melt ice quickly, but also help reduce dangerous refreeze. 

Check to see that you have an ice scraper, a shovel and kitty litter to help with traction on icy roads. And then for emergencies, add a blanket, hand warmers, an extra pair of boots and flares. You don't want to find yourself stuck in a snow bank without a way to keep yourself warm. 

Your Apartment

While the Springs maintenance staff will keep your heat running smoothly, there are some things you can do to add to the toastiness. Add a humidifier to your apartment to combat the dry air. If you use a space heater, don't forget to keep it three feet from curtains, rugs, furniture or anything flammable, and always turn it off before you leave the apartment. 

As the temperature drops, it’s nice to make some changes to your decor to add some warmth and coziness. Put some thick rugs down, add some heavier drapes and scatter some colorful, comfy throws on your couch and chairs. 


Finally, pay attention to how you’re tackling the conditions. Before you head outside, make sure you dress in layers and protect your extremities. In other words, don't forget your gloves. A hat makes a big difference in keeping you warm, so don't skimp on this cold weather gear. 

Exercising outside in the cold is tricky because you need to balance the heat your body generates with the cold air. Be ready to be a bit cold the first few minutes so you can get to an optimum temperature during the bulk of your exercise session. 

If you’re going to exercise, pay attention to icy areas, and limit your time in extreme temperature. And don't forget the sunscreen. Just because it’s not summer doesn't mean your skin doesn't need to be protected. If you’re not up to exercising outdoors, you can always take advantage of the Springs 24-hour fitness center.

Being prepared for Old Man Winter is the best way to keep you safe and comfortable. Take some time to get everything ready so when the chill comes all you have to do is make the hot chocolate and dole out the chili.

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