5 Keys to Evaluating The Effectiveness of an Apartment’s Management

Jean Jones
May 20, 2014


When looking for an apartment to call home, you probably have a checklist of features and amenities to help you evaluate each you’re considering. These items can range from nice-to-have to deal breakers. Maybe you enjoy having an on-site pool, or you can’t consider going anywhere without your precious pet.

There may be one vital factor you’re overlooking on your wish list: the property management team. They’re just as much of an “amenity” as any other feature. An outstanding management team can greatly enhance your experience by offering service, convenience and peace of mind.

All management teams are not created equal. Add the following questions to your checklist and see how each one measures up.

1. Is the management team on-site or remote? 

There are few things more frustrating than having to put emergencies on hold because there is no representative around. Having staff members on-site means they can respond quickly when needed. In addition, they’ll demonstrate more pride in the community when they’re on the grounds every day.

2. Do they mediate resident issues promptly and equitably?

A good management team creates an atmosphere of cooperation and fairness. When evaluating a property, ask for examples of how such situations were handled. If they become vague and evasive, that’s a red flag. 

3. Does the management team regard residents as human beings or simply apartment dwellers?

 There’s an easy way to gauge their attitude. During your first conversation with a staff member, take note of how it develops. Does he or she ask questions and express interest in getting to know you or simply spout a rehearsed speech about the property?
4. How responsive are they to residents’ questions and concerns?

 The management team is there to serve you, which means your needs are their top priority. Take a “test run” the next time you visit a prospective community. Within a day or so of the meeting, send an email asking a specific question and see how quickly a team member responds. Did he or she adequately address your concern or sidestep the issue?

5. Are team members warm and friendly or cool and distant?

 Their outward personality is a reflection of their internal attitude. If they care enough to make you feel comfortable and at ease, they’ll care enough to see that your needs are met. How did the on-site property representative greet you on your first visit? Did he or she approach you with an extended hand and genuine smile? An excellent management team understands that it’s the little details that can make a big difference.

At Springs Apartments, we know that you have your choice of apartment communities. We take pride in offering unmatched service that makes our properties stand out from the others. Please contact us to learn more about how we strive to provide the ultimate resident experience.

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