6 Things That Matter Most To Transfers Relocating To A New City

Jean Jones
May 15, 2014

apartment-serviceMoving is never easy, but when you’re relocating to another city or state, the challenges begin to compile. Not only do you have to find an apartment that fits your needs, but you also have to consider things like the location and safety – without the benefit of knowing much about the city you’re moving to.

We talk to a lot of individuals and families being transferred because of their jobs, and we get many of the same questions. Use this list to make sure the apartment and property you choose is going to address your long-term needs and give you peace of mind that it’s going to be a place you’re happy to call home.

1. What safety measures are in place? 

The safety of your new home relies on more than locked doors. A safe apartment community will also offer features such as security lights, gates and on-site management that’s able to address any issues immediately.

2. What “extras” can I expect?  

We all know there’s more to life than work, and an apartment property should allow you to do more than park your car and get some sleep. The best communities allow for you to foster a life outside work with amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers where you can get some exercise and socialize, too. 

3. How close will I be to shopping, schools, and transit? 

Of course, life doesn't just happen inside the home. If you want to be able to run to the store or walk the kids to school, then you'll need to find a place within a close proximity to these things. Communities within a short distance of libraries, theatres, bars and restaurants and retail shopping will be more likely to meet the needs of both singles and families. Depending on your transportation needs, you'll also want to pay close attention to the distance and accessibility of things like highways, airports or bus routes. 

4. What is the community atmosphere? 

Do you want to live in a complex in which everyone keeps to themselves or would you rather live in a place where the neighbors regularly come together to enjoy being part of a community? Though often overlooked in the great apartment hunt, finding a community-friendly apartment could help make the transition to a new place all the more inviting. Check to see if the property you’re considering is proactive in getting people together for cook-outs, events and other fun activities.

5. Will the property be kept up?  

Wherever you land next should be a home you’re proud to bring friends and family to. As you tour any property, look to make sure things appear in good shape and in working order – things like lights, lawn and flowers, signage, common area carpeting and furniture, and trash bins. Every property has a bad day now and then and mistakes happen, but too many red flags should tell you that you’re in the wrong spot.

6. What about my four-legged friend?

Saying goodbye to friends and family is one of the toughest parts of moving to a new city – and no one wants to make matters even tougher by having to leave their pet behind. Fortunately, many apartments have very accommodating pet policies; most will have limitations on size or breed of dog and require that owners respect the grounds and clean up after their pet. It’s good to know that you can bring a little warmth and companionship with you on your new adventure!

Relocating to a new area can be very stressful but by using these questions as a guide while you look for a great spot to live, you can rest easier knowing you’ve made a good decision.

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