Crossing the Goal Line: A Guide to Organizing a Family-Friendly Football Party

September 21, 2018

Guide to Organizing a Family-Friendly Football PartyFootball is always more fun when you watch a game with a lively group of fans. A shared love of sports is also a great way to bond with your kids and create some wonderful family memories.

With the football season in full swing, why not host a family-friendly watching party at your Springs luxury apartment home? Use these tips to enjoy some quality time cheering on your favorite team together.

Set the Mood

Football-themed decorations are a perfect way to establish a festive atmosphere. Have some fun and enlist the kids to help you create these DIY decorations:

Plan the Menu

Since eating will take place primarily in front of the TV, finger foods and snacks are the easiest choice. They're also the most enjoyable for kids, even the pickiest eaters.

  • This suggested list includes classic game day favorites such as sliders, corn dogs, chicken bites, meatballs and several types of dips. A DIY snack stadium is a convenient way to serve the food so everyone can quickly grab their favorites.
  • Alcoholic beverages are optional depending on your adult guests, but bottled water and juice boxes are good choices for kids. You'll probably want to have a variety of soft drinks on hand as well. Pick up an inexpensive party bucket and fill with ice to keep beverages cold.

Show Team Spirit

Ask everyone to dress in a t-shirt or jersey of their favorite team. If you don't have one, wear clothing or accessories that correspond to team colors. Stock up on face paints and temporary tattoos for the kids, but the adults are free to join in!

Put on a Show

No one likes sitting through halftime, so why not let the kids be the entertainment? Furnish accessories and props so they can plan skits such as interviewing star players, leading cheers or performing a karaoke "concert."

Schedule Your Own Games

There's a good chance that the kids' attention spans will not last through the entire football game. Have some participation games ready for whenever kids start getting restless.

  • Board and card games are always popular and they can usually incorporate varying numbers of players.
  • Kids and grownups alike will want to get in on a lively round of football bingo. Don't forget to have some prizes on hand.
  • Want to sneak in a little education? Try some football-themed learning games.
  • Cornhole and Nerf football toss are good for kids who need to burn off some energy without causing any damage.

Do you have a family of football fans? Give us your best game day tips in the comments!

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