Ahoy, Matey! 7 Tips for Holding a Kids' Adventure or Treasure Hunt in Your Apartment

March 27, 2018

Tips for Holding Treasure Hunt in Your Apartment.jpgKids love adventure and surprises, so what better way to spice up a birthday or holiday than by staging a treasure hunt in your Springs luxury apartment home? Use these helpful tips and you'll have as much fun setting up the hunt as the kids have in following it!

1. Plan Age-Appropriately

How old are the kids who will participate? What is endlessly fascinating for a five-year-old would be endlessly boring for a 10-year-old. Gear the preparations toward the abilities and interests of the specific age group involved.

2. Choose a Theme

Boost the entertainment value by selecting a theme that adds to the festive air of the hunt. For instance, each child could dress up as a favorite Harry Potter character and the "treasures" could relate to items in the books.

3. Set a Time Limit

Kids, especially younger ones, have notoriously short attention spans. Depending on age, anywhere between five and 20 is a good number of clues to create.

4. Work Backwards

Once you’ve settled on the final destination of the treasure hunt, it's easier to work backwards from that point in writing the clues. Be sure to keep a master crib sheet of all the clues and locations so you don't get lost!

5. Be Creative with Clues

Use one style for the clues or mix them up for some variety.

  • Rhymes and riddles are classic treasure hunt clues.
  • Pictures and visual clues are particularly effective for younger hunters.
  • Write clues in "invisible ink" by using white crayon and having the kids mark over it with a highlighter.
  • Hide clues in a bowl of spaghetti "worms" and other delightfully gross places.
  • Incorporate mini-games into the clues. As an example, place a clue under one of three upside-down cups, then mix them up and have the kids guess which one holds the clue.

6. Be Present but Not Obtrusive

Resist the temptation to jump in and "help." Follow the kids' cues as to how much assistance they need or want.

7. Try a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a nice alternative that involves a list of items to find around the apartment. Award a prize to the child who is the first to collect all the items.

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