How Apartment Location Can Influence Transfers’ Happiness

Jean Jones
June 03, 2014


People in the process of relocating to a new city weren’t necessarily in the market to move; in fact, sometimes they’re downright unnerved about pulling up roots and starting fresh in what’s usually an unfamiliar city. But there are ways to help ensure their ongoing contentment with their new home, location being primary among them. Just how does the location of an apartment help transfers adjust to and enjoy their new home? The right location is going to be one that offers these benefits to transfers:


Transfers should choose an apartment property that’s within a few miles of the places and services that are important to the smooth functioning of their lives. Relocation experts know that being within a few miles of grocery stores, their work, public transportation and the airport does a great deal to reduce the pressure on their schedules. Families with young kids will also want to be near playgrounds, good schools, daycare facilities and healthcare providers.

Access to Activities

Springs Apartments works very hard to include a wide range of services and features that help make people’s stay at our property a little bit like a long-term vacation – resort-style swimming pools, park-like settings, car care areas, outdoor grilling and cooking spots, etc. – but not all the activities people want to be involved can be on-site. The right property for a transfer is one that’s close to the activities that help them fulfill their need for entertainment and socializing, like shopping, dining, running and walking trails, city attractions and cultural interests.

The Property Itself

Springs chooses to only develop properties in areas within each city that will give residents the feeling that they’ve entered a well maintained, attractive respite from the stresses of everyday life. To do that, we put a great deal of effort into the appearance and functionality of our grounds, and work with architects to ensure that the design of the buildings themselves complement the land they’re on and the general “flavor” of the city. We do this because we believe that if residents were building a new home on their own property, these are considerations they’d insist on.

Whether you’re a transfer or a relocation professional whose job it is to help transfers make a “smooth move,” follow these simple guidelines when looking for the perfect place to call home. After you think you’ve found the right location, the next step is evaluating the interiors of apartments and what transfers should be looking for – look for more on that topic in our next blog post!

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