Discovering Your New City: 6 Great Ways to Go from "Transplant" to "Local"

July 19, 2018
Discovering your new city

So you're settled into your new Springs luxury apartment home and you're ready to start exploring the city. Establishing a game plan gives your search a focus and helps you zero in on the information that's most relevant to you.

Shake that "newbie" tag fast with these great tips from veteran movers. 

Bookmark Municipal Websites

Every organization has its own website, and cities are no exception. Your new city's website is a valuable resource for information about police, fire and other local services as well as schools, arts and culture, parks, businesses and public transportation.

Experts recommend that the best way to learn about a new place is to view it through the eyes of a tourist. Most large cities have a travel and tourism bureau that lists all the must-see attractions and events in your community.

Explore Social Media

Social media is full of virtual communities where you can get helpful information directly from other residents. Plug your city's name into the search bar on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and browse the different groups that come up.

Yelp has a feature called The Local Yelp that spotlights establishments of note by category such as dive bars, bike shops and vegetarian restaurants. You can also enter "[City] bloggers" into a search engine to find people who are writing exclusively about your new home town.

Meet Up with Meetup

Are you a bookworm or film buff? Maybe you're looking for some tennis partners or you want to network with other moms of toddlers. Whatever your interest is, you'll find it on Meetup.

The groups provide a casual, low-pressure way to meet people and learn about the area. Thanks to the wide range of groups, it's easy to try different ones until you find the right fit.

Visit the Public Library

Libraries are no longer just a place to borrow books. They've become rich community gathering spots that feature services and events such as training and skill development, free movie screenings and small business assistance along with programs and collections about the area's history.

Pound the Pavement

Walking gives you the freedom to stop and check out places that catch your interest and strike up conversations with people you encounter along the way. Stroll the sidewalks around our Springs luxury apartment community, or take the bus to a random spot in town and hoof it.

Fly Solo

If you're single, don't be intimidated by striking out on your own. Chances are you'll encounter plenty of other people who are by themselves, and it's actually easier to meet others when you don't have to accommodate the choices of a companion.

We want all of our residents to feel completely at home in both their apartment and the neighborhood. Our Springs onsite management teams love to put on holiday parties, happy hours and other residents-only events where you can meet and bond with your neighbors.

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