Last-Minute Gift Ideas (on a Budget)

Jean Jones
December 18, 2014


Tick, tock…tick, tock…tick, tock. Hear that? That’s the sound of the holidays quickly approaching – and, if you’re like most of us, the corresponding sound of your heart beating with last-minute shopping anxiety! If you find yourself still needing to buy gifts for people on your list today, fear not: the Springs Apartments team has put together some tried-and-true ideas that’ll work for just about anybody on your list!

From the kitchen of...

Everyone appreciates the thought and work that goes into homemade treats, and these only seem like you spent all day in the kitchen!

  • Fill a Mason jar with all the fixings needed to make rich, creamy hot chocolate: cocoa, bits of good quality chocolate, sugar, a touch of cinnamon and a handful of mini marshmallows. Add a silk ribbon and you’re done!
  • Make a big batch of decadent, chunky chocolate chip cookies and stack them in a decorative gift bag. Include the recipe on a pretty hand-written card
  • Bake (or buy) a couple loaves of special artisan bread; wrap each in a new holiday-themed kitchen towel
  • Package up a food or beverage item you’re “known for,” like that killer pasta sauce people are always wanting the recipe for or your barbeque meat rub spice mix

Buy the book

If your friend loves to read, a gift card allows her to pick out the latest novel, a coffee table book or a how-to of her choice. For those who prefer e-readers over the printed versions, wrap up a gift card for your local book store or a retailer like Barnes & Noble.

A gift that keeps on giving

There are dozens of “Of The Month” clubs – everything from cigars, wine, fruit and desserts to perfume, art, cheese and even pet treats! Some of these can get kind of pricey, but most let you choose the number of months your friend will receive their special delivery so you can make it fit within your budget.

Something useful

Put together a gift basket of items you know your friend really needs right now. If she’s about to move into a Springs Apartments home, for example, fill a new mop bucket with cleaning supplies, some basic tools and must-haves (light bulbs, toilet paper and garbage bags come to mind) and a gift card for groceries so she can fill up that empty fridge.

Feed their passion

What do the people on your list get jazzed up about? Camping, travel, cooking, working out at the gym? Once you pinpoint their passion, do a Google search for the #1 new product in that category, like “most highly rated camping tool in 2014,” or “coolest new kitchen gadgets.”

Have a favorite last-minute gift idea? Please share it in the comments below!

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