5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Pet-Friendly Apartments in Apple Valley and Savage

September 19, 2016

evaluating-pet-friendly-apartments-in-apple-valley-and-savage.jpgIf you're looking for a "pet-friendly" apartment home in Apple Valley or Savage, just what does that mean to you? It's a broad term in which even the word "pet" can be defined different ways by different apartment communities.

As with any feature or amenity, it's important to determine the interpretation of "pet-friendly" when comparing apartments. Here are some questions to help you evaluate an apartment's suitability for both you and your precious pet.

1. What Types of Pets Are Allowed?

People adopt all types of critters as pets, but that doesn't mean they're automatically allowed in a pet-friendly apartment. Some communities admit only cats, while others include dogs and a few even limit pets to fish and birds. In addition to the ones already mentioned, our Springs at Apple Valley and Springs at Egan Drive luxury apartments welcome a wide variety of pets which includes rabbits, ferrets and exotic animals such as lizards.

2. Are There Restrictions on Dog Breeds?

Many apartment communities place limitations on the types of dogs allowed. They may prohibit certain breeds or any dog weighing more than 20 to 25 pounds. We maintain a liberal policy on permissible breeds and sizes, so don't assume your German shepherd or mixed-breed "mutt" won't be allowed!

3. What Are the General Rules Governing Pets?

Almost every apartment will have rules such as waste removal or health requirements that apply to all pet owners, so make sure you are willing and able to comply. A lengthy list is not necessarily a bad thing, as many of the rules protect you and your pet as well as the community.

4. What Are the Applicable Pet Fees?

Most apartments charge a pet deposit, monthly premium, or combination of both that you should include in your housing budget.

5. Is There Room for Exercise and Play?

Dogs want and need physical activity, but it can be difficult to give your pet regular exercise without a back yard or other outdoor area. Both of our Springs communities include on-site off-leash dog parks where the two of you can play and your pet can socialize with other dogs. We also have pet spa areas for your convenience.

We understand the comfort and joy our residents receive from their pets. Call or stop by our leasing office and a member of our friendly on-site management team will be happy to answer your questions!

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