Moving Across Town or Across the Street? 5 Valuable Tips for a Short-Distance Move in the Twin Cities

July 18, 2016

Short-Distance-move.jpgSo you're planning a move to another location within the Twin Cities. Does your agenda consist of tossing your belongings on a truck that morning? If so, you could be in for a rude awakening. A move across town requires almost as much organization as a move across country. Here are some helpful short-distance moving tips from our Springs at Egan Drive and Springs at Apple Valley leasing teams.

1. Pack Carefully

Breakage during the moving process is a function of careless packing, not distance traveled. Don't cut corners while packing your belongings or you may find yourself replacing them, not transporting them.

2. Out with the Old

People often pare down their possessions on a long-distance move in the interest of saving time and space, but it’s well worth doing the same for a short-distance move. If something isn't worth moving out of state, it's not worth moving a few miles either. You'll appreciate the foresight as you settle into your clutter-free new home.

3. Prioritize Loads

With a short-distance move, you have the luxury of making several trips, especially if you're using a van or small truck instead of a full-size moving truck. So, depending on how you want to make the move, and how organized you are, you can load up the car with lesser-used items and put them away first or move your essentials/everyday items and large furniture pieces first. Do it in the order that makes sense for you.   

4. Square Boxes on Round Wheels

Even over a short distance, furniture and boxes involve some heavy lifting. Take a page from the professional mover's book and use a dolly or four-wheeled cart. Your back and legs will thank you.

5. Check the Forecast

An advantage to moving a short distance and doing it yourself is that you have some flexibility when it comes to your schedule — so make sure to check the forecast and plan around the weather. Moving can be stressful enough without having to move in the pouring rain or a foot of snow.

What is the shortest distance you’ve ever moved from one home to another? Let us know in the comments!

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