All Creatures Great and Small: 6 Things You Need to Know About Renting with Pets in the Twin Cities

January 23, 2017

all-creatures-great-and-small-6-things-you-need-to-know-about-renting-with-pets-in-the-twin-cities.jpgAre you a renter looking for a pet-friendly home? Maybe you're already a resident of Springs at Apple Valley or Springs at Egan Drive and you're considering a new "roommate."

Our Springs luxury apartment communities have one of the more generous pet policies you'll find. Here is a helpful guide including what you need to know to make the "adoption" a success.

1. A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place

While you may adore your iguana or ferret, not all of your neighbors are going to feel the same way. Birds and exotic pets must be kept in the proper housing, whether it's a cage, tank or aquarium.

2. Say "Cheese"!

We like to be able to identify all of our "residents," so we ask that you provide us with a photo of your pet along with appropriate veterinary records showing current registration and vaccinations.

3. Putting on the Dog

Our Springs communities have liberal policies on dog breeds, with only four breeds on the restricted list. A handful of conditional breeds, including German Shepherd, Malamute and Akita may be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Provide certification of successful obedience training is provided.
  • Bring your pet in for an "interview" with a member of our on-site management team.
4. Understand the Financial Side

Animals don't always respect closed doors or other fine points of orderly living. Be prepared to pay a pet deposit against potential damages. This amount is separate from monthly fees or "pet rent," so make sure you're clear on the financial obligations.

5. Practice Good Doggie Hygiene

We want our grounds to be pleasing for both our two- and four-legged residents. Our communities use PooPrints™ pet waste management service to maintain on-site cleanliness. You'll be asked to provide a DNA swab from your dog that will be kept on file so we can monitor any "forgetful" residents.

6. Update Your Insurance

As a resident of Springs Twin Cities, renters insurance should be a given. Check with your insurance agent to make sure you have sufficient liability coverage for your pet. Please note that larger fish tanks may also require liability insurance.

Do you have more questions? Please call or stop in and talk to one of the members of our friendly on-site management team.

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