How Do You Love Your Twin Cities Apartment? Count These 6 Ways

October 10, 2016

How_Do_You_Love_Your_Twin_Cities_Apartment.jpgIt doesn't have to take a lot of time or money to turn your Springs Twin Cities luxury apartment into a home. All it takes is a few personal touches that reflect your individual style. Get started with these easy and creative ways to show your home some love.

1. Start at the Bottom

Area rugs are a perfect way to add warmth, both literal and figurative, while retaining the sleek, low-maintenance appeal of our hardwood-style floors. Try layering a couple of different patterns or shapes for a unique look.

2. Kitchens: They're Not Just for Cooking

The kitchen may not seem like an obvious choice for decorating, but there are a couple non-permanent methods you can use to make the space your own.

  • Take advantage of the ample space above the kitchen cabinets. Functional, decorative or a blend of both? The choice is up to you!
  • The modern islands in our gourmet kitchens accommodate an endless variety of accessories, from fresh flowers and candles to holiday decorations. Add some stools or high chairs and turn it into a breakfast bar.
3. Layer the Lighting

When it comes to decor and ambiance, lighting is often an afterthought, especially in apartments. A mix of table and floor lamps, string lights and directional lights such as clip-ons allows you to set the brightness to match the mood.

4. You Gotta Have Art

Artwork may be the single most effective way to put your own stamp on your home. Between traditional forms like paintings and photos and more unusual options like tapestries and woodcarvings, the possibilities are literally endless. For a truly one-of-a-kind piece, try your hand at some DIY art.

5. Adopt a Pet

What says "love" better than the unconditional adoration of a pet? Our pet-friendly Springs at Egan Drive and Springs at Apple Valley communities accept cats and dogs, including many large breeds, as well as rabbits, ferrets, birds and exotic pets such as lizards, so why not give a deserving animal a good home?

6. Design Your Own "Floor Plan"

Our Springs Apartments homes feature open floor plans that are great as-is, but they also let you divide the space any way you choose. Screens and bookcases work well, and you could also use items like large potted plants or works of art to mark off areas.

What one feature sets your home apart from others? Share your secret in the comments!

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