Roommate Wanted: 6 Tips for Finding the Right One in the Twin Cities

March 28, 2016

Finding-Roommate-MN.jpgFinding a roommate to share your apartment has a lot in common with finding a romantic partner. One big difference is you don't have the luxury of "dating" potential roommates until you find the right one.

Taking on a roommate is a serious commitment that shouldn't be entered into lightly. Here are some helpful tips from our Springs Twin Cities leasing and management team on finding the right match.

1. Spread the Word Among Family and Friends

Having a roommate you're already familiar with can be a big advantage. Let everyone in your circle, including social media contacts, know you're looking for one. Even if no one in your network is available, somebody may be able to refer another of their friends and acquaintances.

2. Go Digital

Thanks to technology, you have a virtually unlimited pool of potential roommates. You should also check out sites like EasyRoommate, Roomster and RoomieMatch.

3. Interview the Candidates

Selecting a roommate is too important a decision to be made on impulse or a whim. Sit down with each candidate for an interview and narrow the field. Finally, meet with your final choices for coffee or lunch to get a better sense of how the two of you interact. This person will be sharing your living space, so don't be afraid to ask for references, and don’t be shy about doing a background check.

4. Opposites Don't Necessarily Attract

Oscar and Felix might make an entertaining pair on The Odd Couple, but in real life it's a recipe for disaster. If you're a quiet homebody, how long would you be able to tolerate a party animal living under the same roof? The two of you don't have to be carbon copies of each other, but look for someone whose lifestyle and interests are compatible.

5. Be Honest about the Terms

You owe it to potential roommates to be upfront about your expectations. Your relationship will sour immediately if they don't find out about splitting the cable bill until after they move in. 

6. Put it in Writing

Even if your roommate is a relative or lifelong roommate, don't just assume everything will "work out." Write up an agreement outlining grocery sharing, housekeeping schedules and anything else that could end up in disagreements down the road.

If you do your homework, having a roommate can be a fun and rewarding experience. Call or stop by our leasing office if you have any questions.

What's the main characteristic you value in a roommate? Share it with us in the comments! 

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