Shop Smart with 6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Furniture

December 28, 2015


Do you assume that furnishing your Springs Apartments home in the Twin Cities or Rochester means taking on debt? You may be surprised at how far your dollar can stretch with some smart shopping. We're sharing our favorite tips for saving money on furniture so you don't have to put off buying that new sofa or dining set.

1. "Is That Your Best Price?"

These five simple words can be your opening to some big savings. With big-ticket items like furniture, salespeople are often willing to shave some dollars off the retail price. Make it a habit to ask this question before making any purchase decisions.

2. Buy Direct

There was a time when people would travel to North Carolina, the home of several top furniture manufacturers, to buy directly from the warehouses. Today, those warehouses are as close as your computer. Their overhead is much lower than what showrooms incur, so the benefits are passed on to you.

3. Stick with the Classics

There's a reason why certain styles and colors are always in fashion: they look good in any home and decor. As great as that magenta sofa may seem now, chances are the appeal will quickly wear off. If you purchase high-quality furniture in neutrals or earth tones, the pieces will last longer and you can use accessories to change the look simply and inexpensively.

4. Everything Old is New Again

Save money and the environment by shopping antique stores along with consignment and resale shops. There are some gems just waiting to be discovered, and you can personalize them with a new coat of paint or other creative touches.

5. Take Advantage of Sales

Furniture stores generally offer big discounts in January and July to clear their inventory before the new styles arrive. Purchasing at a specific time of year also helps you plan your budget.

6. Consider the Big Picture

The cost of furniture isn't limited to the actual purchase price. Expensive materials require expensive maintenance, and lesser quality pieces will wear out more quickly. These points should factor into your final choices.

Did we miss any tips that are tops on your list? Share them with us in the comments!

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