Rise and Shine: 5 Top Apps (and 1 Clock) That Get You out of Bed in the Morning

Jean Jones
March 07, 2018

Top Apps To Wake Up in The Morning

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

A wise person once said, "It's always easy to get up early the night before." If your best intentions get derailed by the snooze button, here are some great apps that will help you hit the ground running each morning.

1. Wake N Shake (iOS, $1.99)

Snooze buttons are just too easy to activate. With Wake N Shake, the only way to shut the alarm off is by shaking your phone vigorously, like it's a can of spray paint. Set the alarm at one of 16 increasing levels of intensity, from "Cake" and "Lazy Alligator" to "Cold Shower" and "Merciless." Wake N Shake also has challenges to help you on your way to becoming a wake-up ninja.

2. Alarm Clock Xtreme (Android, free)

Tired of abrupt, nerve-shattering alarms? Alarm Clock Xtreme has a crescendo setting that begins softly and builds gradually. Hard-core snoozers can choose an option that forces you to solve a math problem to quiet the alarm. If you absolutely can't break the snooze habit, set a maximum number of snoozes with decreasing time lengths on each one. An ad-free version is available for $2.99.

3. The Rock Clock (iOS and Android, free)

Wake up with a celebrity each morning when you install The Rock Clock. This motivational app is part of actor Dwayne Johnson's Project Rock, his personal initiative to help people attain their goals and realize their dreams. The Rock Clock features 25 custom alarm tones created by Johnson as well as exclusive daily messages written in his own words. Ambitious types can even sync their alarm with Johnson's personal schedule.

4. Alarmy (iOS and Android, free)

Getting out of bed is half the battle, so Alarmy uses some creative methods to get your feet on the floor. Register a photo of a specific area in your Springs luxury apartment home. Once the alarm is set, the only way to turn it off is by taking a picture of the same spot. Other options include shake mode and math problem mode.

5. Sleep Cycle (iOS and Android, free)

A full night's sleep consists of several 90-minute cycles ranging from light to deep. Waking up during the REM or dream stage is one of the main causes of chronic drowsiness. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep stages to wake you during the lightest sleep state that corresponds with your chosen alarm time. The premium version is $29.99 per year and provides more detailed metrics, such as how caffeine or overeating affect your quality of sleep.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Amazon, $39.99)

This isn't an app, but if you prefer an old-school alarm clock, this is the one. When the alarm sounds, Clocky hops off the nightstand and forces you to chase it in order to turn it off. Clocky is particularly recommended by parents who can't get their sleepy kids out of bed in the morning.

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