Putting Down Roots — 8 Essential Things to Do After Moving to Slidell or Covington

May 03, 2017

Things-to-Do-After-Moving-Slidell-Covington.jpgWhen you move out of state, the process doesn't end once the last piece of furniture comes off the truck. If you're moving into one of our Springs New Orleans luxury apartment homes, here's a checklist of errands to complete that will make the transition smooth.

1. Take Pictures of Your Apartment

Before the furniture and other possessions are carried inside, take a full set of interior photos. This provides documentation of the apartment's move-in condition that you can refer to if you move out.

2. Update Drivers License and Vehicle Registration

Failure to update these documents can cause a lot of confusion and hit you in the wallet if you end up with a citation.

  • New residents have 30 days to visit the nearest Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) and update their drivers license. You can complete organ donor and voter registration at the same time, or do it online at your convenience.
  • The same 30-day period applies to update your vehicle registration at the OMV office. You'll need to provide proof of insurance in Louisiana, so be sure to get that done ahead of time.

3. Research Service Providers

Choosing a new doctor and dentist isn't something you want to do at random.

  • Check with your previous providers in case they can give you referrals.
  • Get recommendations from your new employer and coworkers.
  • Zocdoc is a good reference source for healthcare providers. You can search by criteria such as city, specialty and insurance plan, and they have a handy mobile app you can use to schedule appointments. 

4. Review Your Credit Reports

This might seem unusual, but a lot of financial information is exchanged during the moving process. Request a free copy of your credit reports three to six months after move-in to make sure all information has been properly updated and there is no suspicious activity that could indicate fraud or identity theft.

5. Get Wired

For better or worse, digital connectivity has become an indispensable part of today's lifestyle. Our on-site management team can help you with information about Internet and cable providers.

6. Enroll in School

Do you have school-age kids? If so, you'll want to get them enrolled as soon as possible so they can start getting acclimated. Both Covington and Slidell are located in the St. Tammany Parish School District.

7. Give Family and Friends a "Tour"
Use FaceTime or Skype to give family and friends a virtual tour of your new apartment. They'll feel reassured after seeing how wonderful your new home is, and it's a good way to stay connected.

8. Meet the Neighbors

The sooner you get to know the people around you, the sooner you'll feel like part of the community. Spend some time at our leash-free dog park, lounge around our resort-style pool or visit the free coffee bar in our clubhouse.

Our Springs on-site management team puts on a number of fun social events exclusively for our residents. Come by and say hi and find out what's happening!

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