Five Delicious Chili Recipes with New Orleans Flair

January 03, 2018

New Orleans Chili RecipesWhen the chilly winter weather rolls in, what could be more enjoyable than curling up inside with a piping hot bowl of chili? Loaded with meat, beans, and spicy peppers, chili is a hearty meal that will soothe the soul—and there are many versions with real New Orleans flair. Here are five recipes to get you started.

New Orleans Chili Con Carne

Seasoned with cumin powder and cayenne pepper, this chili has plenty of spice. It's made with kielbasa for a unique, meaty flavor, and red kidney beans add plenty of fiber. The recipe calls for stewed tomatoes, which give the chili a chunky texture. You could substitute crushed tomatoes if you like a soupier chili. The best thing is how quickly it comes together. After you brown the meat and chop the veggies, it only has to cook for about 25 minutes.

Shrimp and Red Bean Chili

What says "New Orleans" better than shrimp? This shrimp chili recipe is the perfect nod to the French Quarter. The flavor comes from a vibrant combination of cumin, basil, chili powder and hot sauce. A fresh poblano pepper adds balanced spice, and chicken stock gives the chili a smooth, velvety texture. The recipe only makes four servings, but you could easily double it and make a big batch for company.

Cajun White Chicken Chili

Cajun spices and Andouille sausage come together in this unique chili dish that takes inspiration from classic gumbo. You use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which are a great source of lean protein. The rich, creamy base is made with chicken broth and heavy cream, seasoned with celery, jalapenos, paprika and chili powder. One recipe serves about eight, so make sure you invite a few friends over when you make this one!

Cajun Chili

If you're looking for a more classic chili, give this recipe a try. Made with Louisiana hot link sausages, it has a hint of New Orleans flair, but the tomato and pepper base will remind you of authentic Texas chili. The recipe recommends serving the chili with corn chips on top, but it's also great with a big pile of grated cheddar cheese. The chili does need to simmer for an hour, so be sure to prepare ahead.

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Having a meal ready in the crock pot can really bring a busy day to a good close. This chicken chili recipe is made with black beans, a staple in New Orleans' Creole cuisine. The ranch dressing mix and cream cheese make for a lovely, creamy base, and chili powder adds the right amount of heat. This recipe serves six—or two hungry people who want leftovers for the next day's lunch!

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