How to Love Your Apartment in Covington or Slidell

August 10, 2016
Love-Your-Apartment-NOLA.jpgSprings at Fremaux Town Center and Springs at River Chase offer a wide array of amenities, including hardwood-style floors, granite counters, and stainless-steel appliances. However, if you want to truly make your apartment feel like home, you'll need to do a little customization. Here are some simple ideas to help you transform your living space into one you’ll love:

1. Add a Bit of Greenery

Plants not only help clean the air and give your home a fresh scent, they can help boost your mood and make you feel more connected to nature. Some easy-to-grow indoor plants to consider include snake plants, aloe vera, English ivy, and peace lilies.

2. Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

Your bedroom should be more than a place where you collapse and go to sleep. To make it feel more luxurious, upgrade to silk sheets, decorate your windows with some custom drapes, and add some colorful dresser scarves to the decor. You can even place a little mat and a comfortable pair of slippers next to the bed to make it feel like you're visiting a comfy bed and breakfast.

3. Make Your Own Artwork

Even if you think you have no artistic talent, creating customized wall art is easier than you think and will give your apartment home a special, personalized touch. You can do something as simple as composing and framing a collage from old family photographs, or attend a paint night at a local studio and hang your creation up in the living room.

4. Adopt Your Own Signature Scent

Do you love the scent of cinnamon? Vanilla? Lavender? Choose a scent that makes you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace, and make it your signature scent. Whenever you buy a scented item for your home—whether it be a cleaning solution or an air freshener—choose that same scent.

5. Display Your Memories

Maybe you have some framed photos from a trip to Europe, a pint glass you bought in college, or a figurine your grandmother gave you for your 10th birthday. Instead of hiding these items away, display them proudly in your apartment home so you and your guests can enjoy them.

6. Cut Down On Clutter

Make sure every item in your apartment has meaning or a function. If it's simply taking up space, it's only getting in the way of your ability enjoy your apartment home. You're better off donating it to make space for items that do serve you.

Current residents: how have you made your Springs apartment feel like home? Prospective residents: what questions do you have about decorating your new apartment? Please share with us in the comments below!

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