Moving Across Covington or Slidell? Here Are Some Short-Distance Moving Tips

April 13, 2016

Short-Distance-Moving-Tips-NOLA.jpgWhen you're moving just a short distance, it's easy to overlook the preparations and planning that need to go into the move, but even a short distance move across town or across your New Orleans apartment community requires quite a bit of work. Here are some tips from Springs Apartments to help make your short-distance move a little easier.

1. Don't Neglect Boxing Your Stuff

Sure, if you're moving across the street or across town you could just shove all of your stuff into your car or a moving van and unload it when you arrive, but moving boxes definitely help. They help you organize your belongings, and also help protect them from inadvertent damage.

2. Measure Carefully

The great thing about moving across town is the fact that you can, and should, have access to your new space a bit before your move. Take advantage of this by visiting your new apartment home with a tape measure, and decide where your furniture and other items best fit. This will make moving day much easier to tackle, as you’ll already have a plan of what will and won’t fit before you move.

3. Get the Right Truck

When you're only moving a few miles, you don't need a giant moving truck. However, you still need to account for the size of your furniture. Choose a truck or van that can transport your largest piece of furniture. If that's your friend's pickup and they’re willing to let you use it, then you’ll save on the cost of a moving van!

4. Don't Forget to Switch Your Mail

Moving across town doesn't feel like a big deal, so it's easy to forget to forward your mail. Make sure you let your credit card company, utilities and others know your new address, so you don't miss any payments.

5. Remember to De-clutter

Are you moving to a larger space or a smaller one? Regardless, moving is a great time to weed out those items you no longer need or use. This will make your new space more enjoyable. Make a box your "donation" box, and toss in all of the things you don't need anymore instead of moving them to your new space.

Remember, every move requires planning, even if you’re staying in the area. Share some of your short move tips in the comments below!

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