New School Year Survival Guide for New Orleans Parents

August 24, 2016

New_School_Year_NOLA.jpgBack to school season presents many challenges, but there’s no reason to get overwhelmed. If you’re still struggling to adjust to the autumn routine, try these tips to better manage your time and resources as you get back into the school year flow.

Download Organization Apps

Setting your family up for success can come down to a few smart apps. If you struggle to keep track of the many flyers, notes, and emails you amass during the school year, try using an app like Evernote that lets you sync notes, voice memos, and pictures in a single place. Is your home drowning in flashcards? Clear up the chaos with gFlashPro, a handy app for making your own digital flashcards. If you have an older student with their own smartphone, or you’re going back to school yourself, consider MyHomework, a helpful app that lets you color code assignments.

Select Your Study Space

If homework is happening at random spots throughout your apartment home, you’re probably finding odd stashes of pencils, paper, books, and other supplies just about everywhere you look. Not only is this inefficient in the moment, it slows down the morning routine as you scramble to find a lost calculator or misplaced folder.

Instead, set aside a single area for studying and doing homework. Equip it with all the essentials like highlighters, a pencil sharpener, paper, and sticky notes. Make sure you select an area that’s quiet and distraction-free to maximize your homework time.

Cook for the Week Ahead

Don’t wait until you stumble out to the kitchen to think about breakfast. Prepare for your meals ahead of time for faster mornings. If you’re rushed in the morning, setting the coffee pot to prepare your brew before you wake up can give you a jump on the welcome caffeine fix. Cook well-balanced breakfasts ahead of time and freeze items like burritos and sandwiches so you can heat them quickly and eat fast before you begin the day.

Cooking ahead can extend to your other meals as well. Portion out after school snacks like cups of applesauce or baggies of carrot sticks, so they’re ready to grab as soon as students walk in the door. Look into freezer meals or slow cooker recipes for dinner if you’re pressed for time in the evenings as well.

Remember to Relax

Make sure you mark your calendar for some fun down time alongside your other responsibilities. The Louisiana Seafood Festival (September 2-4) includes live music and tasty bites that highlight the area’s tastiest picks from the ocean, while the Wooden Boat Festival in Madisonville (September 9-11) is a particularly family-friendly pick with an extensive Children’s Village featuring music, arts and crafts, games, and other activities.

What are your best tips for getting back to school? Share your top tricks in the comments section below.

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