The Cost of Living in Covington and Slidell (compared to other Louisiana cities)

April 28, 2016

Cost_of_Living_NOLA.jpgWith all of the day-to-day expenses we’re responsible for (e.g. gas and groceries), it’s important to understand the local cost of living so you can allocate your budget appropriately. To help you out, we’ve put together some statistics on how Covington and Slidell compare to other Louisiana cities as well as national averages for cost of living.

Understanding Consumer Price Indexes

One simple way to measure is to look at a Cost of Living Index. This scale measures many categories of expenses and compares them to other parts of the country. The average for the nation as a whole is set at 100, and a city is rated based on how much cheaper or more expensive it is to live in that city. Both states and cities are listed on these indexes.

How Slidell Relates to Other Louisiana Cities

According to, Slidell rates pretty close to the national average in the categories of Goods and Services (98), Groceries (94), Housing (96) and Transportation (97). This is pretty close to the cost of living in Louisiana as a whole for these categories.

Slidell's Cost of Living Index of 97 is fairly close to the Louisiana state average, although slightly above some cities: Baton Rouge has a Cost of Living Index of 91, while New Orleans stands at 95. The high quality of life in Slidell is one of the reasons for this difference, as Slidell has an A+ rating for its amenities.

How Covington Compares to Other Louisiana Cities

Like Slidell, Covington has a high livability rating and an A+ rating for amenities. It ranks equal with the national average for its Cost of Living Index. Most of the index measures are comparable to the state average, with some, like Transportation and Groceries being lower.

What This Means

Percentages can be hard to understand, so here are some hard and fast numbers.

  • If you need $4,000 per month to live comfortably in Covington, then you’ll need $3,800 to enjoy the same quality of life in New Orleans
  • In Baton Rouge, $3,640/month would be sufficient, while you would need $3,880 in Slidell

As you can see, both Covington and Slidell are close to the state average for cost of living. Take some time to explore our Springs Apartments communities for yourself!

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