7 Tips for Unpacking Your New Orleans Apartment Quickly and Efficiently

August 09, 2017

Tips for Unpacking New Orleans ApartmentYou've officially moved into your apartment in New Orleans and are anxious for the new space to feel like home. The process of unpacking boxes can be overwhelming; however, with the following tips, you'll be able to unpack your Springs at River Chase or Springs at Fremaux Town Center apartment quickly and feel more settled in:

1. Plan Ahead

When prepping for a move, clearly label boxes with their contents and which room they’re intended for. When you arrive at your new apartment home, it will be easy to place each box where it's meant to be. This will minimize the need to shift boxes around between rooms and will serve as a guide for unpacking.

2. Unpack Daily Essentials First

It's going to take some time to unpack your apartment, so identify what your daily essentials are — toiletries, a mattress, pillows, blankets and a few outfits — and unpack those items first.

3. Make Your Kitchen Functional

Start by hooking up appliances (refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, etc.) to ensure that you have a functioning kitchen. Over the next few days, arrange your cabinets while you unpack glassware, utensils, dishes and pots and pans.

4. Organize the Bathroom

Begin by giving your bathroom a thorough cleaning. Once the space is to your liking, unpack toiletry items. Use these easy bathroom organizing ideas for creative solutions to maximize your space.

5. Unpack the Bedroom

To tackle your bedroom, start by putting your bed together and strategically place the other pieces of furniture (dresser, night tables, etc.) throughout the space as these items will be the foundation for your room. When unpacking items in your closet, begin by hanging up the current season’s clothing and items you’ll wear frequently.

6. Establish Your Living Room’s Framework

Determine where you’ll place the key items in your living room such as the couch, chair(s), end tables and TV. Arranging shelves, hanging pictures and adding decorative touches can happen later after you've made more progress unpacking other belongings.

7. Design Your Patio/Outdoor Space

One of the benefits of living in our Springs apartments in New Orleans is the outdoor entertaining space that our apartments offer. Once your apartment's interior is unpacked, consider adding some seating or a bistro table and chairs to your patio to have a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

The best moving advice is to go room by room and not feel pressured to immediately unpack every box. Moving to a new apartment provides you with an opportunity to organize and design your ideal space. If you're committed to creating an orderly and functional apartment, The Home Edit offers a great blog with inspirational information and advice for unpacking your apartment.

What are your best tips for unpacking your apartment efficiently? Please leave your suggestions in our comments section below.New Call-to-action

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