Top 5 Lifestyle and Entertainment Blogs in New Orleans

March 01, 2017

top-5-lifestyle-and-entertainment-blogs-in-new-orleans.jpgWhether you’ve only been in the city for a few months or have been living here your entire life, New Orleans always has something exciting around the corner. The hard part is finding out about these events. Luckily, there are five excellent blogs that chronicle the events happening in New Orleans.

1. New Orleans Moms Blog

If you’re a parent with young children or a child on the way, this blog is meant to give you a lowdown of local family events. Listed events include everything from birthing classes to "jazz yoga"—something for every type of family. New parents need as much support as they can get, and in a city as large as New Orleans, this type of support is largely available if you know where to look.

2. Nola Cuisine

This blog is unique, with posts giving reviews of restaurants and classic New Orleans recipes to try on your own. With straightforward reviews and easy-to-follow recipes, it is perfect for the foodies who want to immerse themselves in the city's culture, possibly from their own homes.

3. OffBeat Magazine

All of the news and announcements about the New Orleans music scene is chronicled on this blog. Many genres of music are represented across all age groups and ethnic backgrounds, and the site has a particular emphasis on diversity and appreciation for global music—perfect for such a diverse city.

4. Best of New Orleans

It’s important for a resident to know what is happening in the city they live in, and the "Best of New Orleans" blog has this covered. It chronicles the most recent news and community events going on in the city including music, film, food and drink, health and wellness, shopping and more, and is one of the more popular and well-known blogs on this list.

5. New Orleans City Park

Lovers of the great outdoors will find a lot of interesting content on this blog, because it provides up-to-date information on park events, news and facts. Plus, it’s updated every few days, so you won't miss any new information. Finding outdoor recreation is typically much more difficult in a large city, so this blog is a must-read for anyone seeking activities in nature.

Whether you enjoy music, food or social events, there’s something for everyone in New Orleans if you know how to find it. These five sites cover a wide range of interests and can help you track down the best events in your area. Whenever you are wondering what your next outing should be, these sites are the perfect place to get connected with the community.

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