4 Top New Orleans Food Blogs You Need to Read

May 25, 2016

Food-Blogs-NOLA.jpgWhere are you headed for your next dinner? Are you looking for a place near your Springs Apartments home to grab a quick, but tasty, lunch? One way to be "in the know" when it comes to the New Orleans food scene is to keep up with local food blogs. Here are four that you'll definitely want to bookmark:

1. New Orleans Eater

Do you want to keep up with the latest news and reviews of New Orleans restaurants? Then you’ll want to subscribe to New Orleans Eater. With multiple updates per day, this is the spot to discover what's hot and what's not in the New Orleans foodie scene. The blog even keeps a “Heat Map,” showing which New Orleans restaurants are the hottest each month. If you want to make sure to never miss a grand opening or other food-related event, such as the opening of Trinity in the French Quarter, check out this daily blog.

2. New Orleans Food

The food blog of the New Orleans Guide website, New Orleans Food will show you where to find whatever you’re craving. Hungry for a po-boy? Then click the link to find all of the places the blog recommends for this class New Orleans sandwich. Have a hankering for some spicy jambalaya? The blog outlines which restaurants serve up the best in town. Famous chef Emeril Lagasse is one of many celebrities who participates in the blog by offering his  take on the best places to eat and drink in New Orleans.

3. ChefsGirl

ChefsGirl is a simple blog that showcases special events and restaurants in New Orleans. You'll find excellent photography on this blog that gives you a real feel of each restaurant, as well as brief descriptions of what's to love (and not love) at various eateries around New Orleans. ChefsGirl rates restaurants with a five-spoon review system, so if a restaurant receives the full five spoons, you know it goes above and beyond with both food and service!

4. Da' Stylish Foodie

Da' Stylish Foodie is the work of food blogger Angie Dumas, who loves all things fashion and food. Her favorite pastime is to try foods at new and upcoming restaurants before recreating them in her own kitchen. Dumas brings a great mix of food reviews and recipe tips and tricks to her blog, which blends well with her fun and inviting style. If you’d like to learn some down-home southern cooking tips, this is definitely the blog for you.

Do you have a favorite New Orleans food blog? Share it with us in the comments!

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