5 Ways to Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolution in New Orleans

December 20, 2017

Succeed with Your Resolutions in New OrleansThe New Year is almost upon us, with all the excitement of setting fresh goals for the months ahead. If you’re anxious to tackle a great resolution in 2018, use these tips to make sure they work.

1. Choose a Single Goal

Too often, ambitious individuals get bogged down under a slew of hopeful resolutions. Rather than vowing to forego sugar, kick the coffee and lose 10 pounds, choose just one goal to focus on. Other healthy habits and slimming benefits may follow naturally, but it’s important to keep your resolution simple. Pick one goal, put it down on paper, and build a plan with this achievement in mind.

2. Determine a Plan of Attack

Form a plan of attack for achieving your resolution as efficiently as possible. If you want to lose weight, determine exactly how you’ll do it. Perhaps you’ll visit the gym three times a week, restrict your calories or take up an active hobby like hiking. Set mini-goals along the way so you can celebrate smaller steps toward your ultimate achievement.

3. Use Habit-Building Tricks

In his book, The Science of Habit, Charles Duhigg explored how habits are formed and maintained. They begin with a cue that jumpstarts your brain in a particular direction. Next, you follow through on the associated action and receive a pleasurable reward for the effort. You can work to develop new habits by using this cycle to your advantage.

Choose a cue that will remind you to keep up with your resolution. If you’re resolving to meditate daily, set a chime on your phone for your daily dose of “om”. Light the same candle or incense each time to add a sensory reminder. Soon, the scent of lavender will have you itching for those moments of peace. Finally, choose your reward. Habits rely on pleasurable payback. Enjoy your favorite cup of tea after each meditation session, or implement another satisfying follow-up.

4. Line Up Your Resources

Set up your toolbox for success with your New Year’s resolution. This might include a gym membership to one of the great locations in Covington or Slidell near our apartment communities for your weight loss goal, or a cozy pillow to sit on for your regular meditation. Make sure you have everything you need to hit your milestones and make your resolution a reality.

5. Find a Support System

Enlist friends or family members to help you with your New Year’s resolutions. Go public on Twitter or Facebook and encourage others to follow your journey and give you encouragement on the way. Find a workout buddy in the neighborhood to meet you at the on-site fitness centers in our Springs at River Chase or Springs at Fremaux Town Center communities. Getting others involved will help you stay on track.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Share them with fellow Springs residents and enlist some help for keeping up with your goals using the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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