What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Slidell and Covington

January 04, 2017

Pet-friendly_Apt-NOLA-1.jpgApartment dwellers with pets have some distinct needs they need to take into consideration when searching for a new home. Not all communities are pet-friendly, and those that are vary widely in the amenities they offer.

Here are some top things to look for when you’re comparing pet-friendly apartment homes:

1. Accommodating Pet Policies

While many apartment communities have restrictions on the pet type, size, and breed, our Springs communities welcome a diverse range of animals including birds, fish, ferrets, reptiles, and more. We have a few restrictions, so make sure to ask about your particular pet when you come for a tour.

2. Plenty of Room for Play

Make sure your apartment home is large enough to provide a comfortable living space for everyone in your family, including pets. If you’re a dog owner, be sure to look for a community with adequate walking paths and a leash-free dog park.

3. Pet-Friendly Flooring

Even the most well-mannered pets will have an accident from time to time, so you’ll want an apartment home with flooring that’s easy to clean in the event of a mishap. Hardwood-style floors are definitely preferable to carpeting for residents with pets.

4. Smart Waste Management

Try to find an apartment community with a smart waste management system in place to keep public areas clean. Our Springs communities turn to PooPrintsto manage pet waste. This program tests the DNA in any waste that’s left behind, so we can identify the culprit and make sure the issue is resolved quickly.

5. Space for Pet Baths

Caring for a pet involves more than just food and play, as you’ll also need a handy area for bathing and brushing. At our Springs apartment communities, we offer a spacious pet spa area with a raised tub and a place to secure your leash so you don’t have to make a mess in your apartment home.

What are your favorite Springs Apartments pet amenities? Do you have a must-have list of perks for your dog, cat, or other companion? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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