Where To Recycle Your Electronics in New Orleans

Jean Jones
August 26, 2015


You can always stack up your old electronics in the spare closet, but if you want to handle things responsibly, you should find a qualified electronics recycling company. Computers, cell phones, and even hand-held game consoles are chock-full of materials that are harmful to the environment if put into landfills. So where in the Crescent City can you recycle your electronics? Here's a list to get you started:

City of New Orleans
2829 Elysian Fields Avenue

The City of New Orleans has an extensive recycling program, including a drop-off center that accepts old electronics. The center is open the second Saturday of the month between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It accepts all types of e-waste including hard drives, game consoles, laptops, digital cameras and even MP3 players. There is no mention of hard drive wiping on their website, so you should make sure you have wiped all your personal data from your devices before turning them in. 

STS Electronics Recycling Inc

This nationwide company offers recycling of all kinds of computer components including laptops and servers. They also offer free data destruction with a process that meets HIPAA and Department of Defense standards. STS is geared toward businesses, but they do take items from individuals. 

Best Buy
1138 South Clearview Parkway

Best Buy has a recycling program across the country in partnership with Dell. They accept desktops, laptops, tablets and netbooks. The program is free and your items can be dropped off at most stores. Working with qualified recycling companies, Best Buy determines if the electronics can be repaired and reused, or if they should be taken apart and recycled responsibly. 

Office Depot
309 North Carrollton Avenue, Suite 2

Office Depot will recycle your electronics also, although this is a paid option. You can purchase a Tech Recycling Box from the store, pack your items inside and return the box to the store. They will then recycle the products. They don't do any data destruction, so you should make sure everything is wiped clean. 

Don't put it off any longer. Gather those old games, that first laptop or maybe even that old Atari, and take them to a certified electronics recycler. You will feel good for doing the right thing, and your apartment may be just a bit tidier.

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