5 Things to Look for in a Luxury Apartment in Oklahoma City

March 28, 2016

clubhouse-interior-lrg.jpgIf you're looking for an apartment in Oklahoma City, you'll come across communities labeled as "luxury." Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, if you truly want an apartment that’s all about comfort and convenience, luxury might be just what you’re after. Here are five things that make an apartment anything but ordinary.

1. Spacious Floor Plans

You might find an apartment that has nearly the square footage of a house, but how’s the flow? Are the rooms right-sized for your lifestyle? Don’t just look at the overall size of an apartment – look at the floor plan. The most flexible are those that are open, giving you flexibility and easy flow from one room to another (this is a great feature, especially if you entertain). And forget about apartments that compromise some rooms (usually bedrooms) to add size where you might not need it (like in an eating area). The best choice is an apartment that features a fairly good balance among its rooms.

2. Well-Maintained Grounds and Exteriors

The apartment unit itself should be your focus, but don’t lose sight of the building and its grounds. Check off your list any communities where you see unkempt lawns, dead shrubs, peeling paint or rotting windows. The exterior and grounds of a building are signs of how much management cares about its property – and, sometimes, its residents.

3. Community Amenities

Today’s luxury apartments are awash with amenities that give residents opportunities to “live the good life” and make their lives less stressful. At Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial you’ll find resort-style pools, community rooms residents can use for things like private parties, and 24/7 fitness centers. But we don’t stop there: you’ll also find outdoor cooking/eating areas, car care and pet care areas, and fenced pet play areas (both are pet-friendly communities). While each will have unique offerings, the better the amenities, the more you'll enjoy being a member of the community.

4. On-Site Management & Maintenance Teams

What happens when your air conditioning goes out at 10 p.m. and it’s 98 degrees outside? Dealing with absentee management or off-site maintenance teams can be a real test of patience, but with on-site teams, any questions or problems can be handled quickly and efficiently. They also offer other perks, such as accepting package deliveries and keeping an eye out on your apartment when you’re out of town.

5. Contemporary Appliances

You’re not really looking at “luxury” if the apartment you’re considering has outdated, shabby appliances. Look for an apartment with up-to-date appliances in contemporary styles and finishes, like black or stainless. Give bonus points to those with microwaves and washers and dryers, which are not found in many communities.

If luxury is what you’re looking for, you just might have found it in Springs at May Lakes or Springs at Memorial. We offer the features and amenities that translate to optimum comfort and convenience. Reach out today for your own tour of these great communities! 

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