Tips for Getting Established Quickly in Oklahoma City

March 21, 2016

Getting-Established-OKC.jpgMoving to a new city is certainly a new adventure: new people to meet, new places to visit, and possibly a new culture to explore. While all of this is exciting, it can also be stressful. To alleviate the stress of moving to a new city, and to get established quickly in your new Oklahoma City apartment home, use the following tips.

Pre-Move Planning

There's no need to wait until you've arrived in Oklahoma City to start getting established. In fact, the more planning you do ahead of time, the smoother it will go. Follow these tips:

  1. Make lists and set aside time for making phone calls about utilities, drivers licensing, the details of your new apartment contract, and insurance companies.
  2. Fill out a change-of-address form with the post office and inform credit card companies of your new address.
  3. Get referrals for doctors, dentists, hair stylists, veterinarians, and personal trainers. Your current practitioners may have connections in Oklahoma City; it doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. Locate essential places near your new apartment home like grocery stores and gas stations so you know where to go to get what you need quickly and easily.

After the Move

  1. Start by setting up your bedroom and putting away your clothing and shoes. When you have the ability to rest well and keep yourself together, you'll be much better able to handle the rest of your move.
  2. Don’t unpack all your boxes at once. It takes a few days, but soon you'll be settled in your new home.
  3. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors; you'll feel safer and more comfortable when you know the people living around you.
  4. Find a local social group or activity to attend, such as yoga classes that fit your schedule.
  5. Learn about Oklahoma City and the local haunts surrounding your new Springs apartment home. Be sure to check out the Oklahoma City ZooMyriad Botanical Gardens, and the Museum of Art

Additional Resources

The following resources also can help you make a smooth transition to Oklahoma City:

We look forward to helping you feel at home in our Springs Apartments communities. Feel free to reach out to the on-site management team with any questions or concerns you have.

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