5 Ways to Make Your Oklahoma City Apartment Pet Friendly

July 18, 2016

Pet_Friendly_Apartment.jpgCreating the perfect apartment home for you and your pet in Oklahoma City is easier than you think. Here are five simple ways to keep both you and your furry friend happy:

1. Establish a Schedule for Your Pet

An exercise, eating and potty routine are critical for your pet. Try to get up at the same time each day, so you can feed and let him out at the same time. Not only will this help with potty-training, but a consistent schedule will also help your furry friend feel at ease when you're away.

2. Feed Your Pet Top-quality Food

Many people try to save money on pet food, but feeding your pet top-quality food equals less waste and can help reduce the chances of accidents while you’re away. Not sure about which foods are best? A1 Pet Emporium has a variety of options that will give them the essential nutrients, without a ton of fillers or grains.

3. Create Their Own Space

Some people choose to crate their pets when they are away, whereas, others just want to spoil them with a comfy pet bed. Regardless of your choice, make sure your pet has a cozy, safe space while you’re away or even when they just need some peace and quiet. Head over to Rudy's Pet Shop and Feed Store to gather what you need for your pet's special spot.

4. Regularly Exercise Your Pet

The best way to reduce anxiety and possible destruction of your shoes is by exercising your pet regularly. Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial both offer off-leash pet play areas, so be sure to build some much-needed playtime into your pet's schedule!

5. Think Before You Shop

Choosing pet-friendly furniture, rugs, and fabric will make your life easier and give your pet less stress. Remember your pet can't help muddy paws on a rainy day and you won't always have time to use the Springs Apartments on-site pet spa, so try to find durable fabrics, sofa covers or throw blankets that are easily washable and in neutral tones.

Do you have some creative ways to make your apartment home pet-friendly? Let us know in the comments below!

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