4 New Oklahoma City Restaurants You Should Try in 2016

July 11, 2016

Restaurants_OKC.jpgAnyone looking to dine in Oklahoma City will find a wealth of restaurants that appeal to a wide variety of culinary interests. The local restaurant scene has hundreds of one-of-a-kind establishments, so there's something for everyone. As you make out your bucket list for local restaurants to try in 2016, be sure to include these four new ones:

1. Bonjour
3705 W Memorial Rd, Suite 707
3 miles from Springs at Memorial

Are you looking for a new brunch spot? Bonjour is the place to be with its "French/American breakfast/lunch with an East Coast deli" menu. While the restaurant itself is a small space tucked away in the Chase medical office plaza, entrees such as the Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict take their breakfast experience to an entirely new level. Part of the big draw to this restaurant is that it's a new concept from well-known chef Vuong Nguyen, former chef at Guernsey Park, one of Oklahoma City's best restaurants.

2. The Drake
519 NW 23rd St, Suite 111
14 miles from Springs at May Lakes

If you've dined at Red Prime Steak or Iron Star Urban Barbeque, you're already familiar with the quality of food that A Good Egg Dining Group has brought to Oklahoma City. The Drake is the latest installment for this restaurant group, and is perhaps its most ambitious one yet. At this restaurant you can find oysters from both coasts and fresh seafood delivered daily. Restaurant favorites include the lobster roll paired with Black Mac and Cheese and topped off with Lemon Cloud Pie. The menu is a bit pricey, but most would agree that the food makes it well worth it.

3. Fassler Hall/The Dust Bowl
421 NW 10th St
11 miles from Springs at May Lakes

While these are two entirely different establishments, they are located side by side and are often mentioned together, as both are new additions to Midtown from Tulsa's McNellie's Group. Fassler Hall is a wide-open beer hall with indoor and outdoor seating, and the bar/restaurant has quickly become known for its sausage and German beer pairings. You can then walk next door to The Dust Bowl, where you can grab your favorite bar concoctions in a vintage bowling alley setting.

4. Guyutes
730 NW 23rd St
14 miles from Springs at Memorial

Named Guyutes in honor of the Phish song, it's only appropriate that this establishment offers a psychedelic atmosphere in the Uptown District. Guyutes sets itself apart by offering "elevated street food" made from local ingredients, which includes offerings such as the Gimme the Beat Hummus, the Return of the Mac Burger, and Tequila Sunfryz.  Word to the wise—don't miss the incredible rooftop bar that was inspired by Austin's Sixth Street.

Have you tried any of these new Oklahoma City restaurants? Leave your feedback in our comments section!

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