6 Fast and Convenient Storage Solutions for Your Oklahoma City Apartment

November 07, 2016

Apt_Storage_OKC.jpgHaving ample storage space is key in any apartment home. Understanding this need for storage space, our Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial communities feature spacious closets and garages. But even then, you can never have too much storage, so here are six fast and convenient solution options to consider implementing in your Oklahoma City apartment:

1. Multipurpose Furniture

If you're in the market for a new coffee table, consider one that offers storage space. There are many stylish designs that could easily serve as a coffee table by morning and a board game/entertainment storage space by night. Multipurpose furniture can be a great solution for helping you tuck away clutter.

2. Storage Shelving

Whether you're living in a studio apartment with a more open floor plan or simply want to create a little reading nook, using tall bookshelves can help you divide space in your apartment while also providing a ton of added storage. And don't feel limited to just storing books in this space—bookshelves are a great place to showcase your collections, pictures, and artwork.

3. Hanging Cosmetic Storage

Space in the bathroom can quickly become cluttered, but hanging a shoe organizer over your bathroom door can remove this mess from your countertop.

4. Under-the-bed Storage

Want to make it easier to find what you need in your closet? Take advantage of under-the-bed storage to tuck away out-of-season clothing. Under-the-bed storage on rollers makes it extremely easy to switch out your wardrobe seasonally.

5. DIY Closet Organizers

Do you have an expansive hat collection? Or maybe you enjoy wearing a wide variety of scarves throughout the fall and winter? A really easy way to keep these accessories in order and off the floor is to create your own closet organizer using a hanger and shower curtain rings. If you don't already own these items, this quick and easy DIY closet storage solution will only cost you $2 to $3.

6. Budget-friendly Cabinet Dividers

There's no need to have a messy junk drawer in your kitchen. Use a silicone muffin liner or even an egg carton to store all of odds and ends  to prevent them from getting mixed up and “lost” in the drawer.

What are your favorite solutions for fast and easy storage in your Oklahoma City apartment home? Please leave your tips and suggestions in our comments section below!

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