Enhance Your Oklahoma City Tailgate Parties with These Grilling Tips

September 04, 2017

Oklahoma City Grilling TipsWhile most people associate grilling with the summer months, the cooler temperatures that autumn brings makes this the perfect time of year to master the grill.

Our Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial apartments feature private patios and balconies, which provide the perfect space to grill out with friends while watching the game. If you want to make grilling a staple at your tailgate parties this fall, here are several tips to get you well on your way to becoming a grill master:

1. Load Up on Grilling Supplies at Everything Barbeque
13833 N May Ave, Oklahoma City

Whether you're just getting started with grilling or want to add to your collection, Everything Barbeque is the local outfitter for backyard chefs. The store offers a wide variety of traditional gas grills and smokers, including the coveted Big Green Egg. If you want to give your food some extra flavor, be sure to browse through the store's unique and award-winning selection of sauces and spices. Also, be sure to mark your calendar for their seasonal events, including the Oklahoma Eggfest in October and the Big Green Egg Thanksgiving BBQ in November.

2. Take a Grilling Class at the American Propane Gas Company Store
7401 N Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City

The American Propane Gas Company Store offers an opportunity for you to compare prices before you invest in a grill. The store also differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a number of cooking classes throughout the year that teach grilling skills to both new and experienced outdoor chefs. The classes include a maximum of 50 participants and fill up quickly. Many of the classes are taught by Oklahoma City metro area chefs, including Josh Valentine from Top Chef and Kurt Fleischfresser.

3. Research Grilling Recipes

If you want to become a master at the grill, step outside your comfort zone and try new recipes. There are a number of blogs that are dedicated to sharing grilling secrets and favorite recipes. Some of the top-rated barbecue blogs include BBQ AddictsBBQ Brothers (great for beginners with step-by-step guides), and Patrons of the Pit (inspiration for out-of-the-box barbecue recipes).

4. Keep Your Grill Clean and Ready

Carcinogenic residue can build up on your grill over time. By cleaning your grill regularly, you'll create a safer grilling environment for you and your guests and prolong the life of your grill. As a best practice, once you finish grilling, use a stiff brush to clean the grates and racks when they're cooler, but still warm. This will help remove food particles, marinades, oils and more, to prevent these leftovers from impacting the flavor of future foods that you grill.

What are your favorite grilling recipes? Please share your suggestions in our comments section below.New Call-to-action

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