Four Places to Buy Farm-Fresh Produce in Oklahoma City

Jean Jones
June 03, 2015


Whether you're dining in at your Springs Oklahoma City apartment home or enjoying an outdoor cookout with friends and family, fresh fruits and vegetables make a healthy and delicious part of any meal. Shopping at these farmers markets around Oklahoma City ensures that you get top-quality products while supporting the local community.

1. Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market
311 S. Klein Avenue
Oklahoma City 73108

This historic market that dates back to 1928 is one of the city's most unique and popular venues. In addition to serving as a hub for local ranchers, grocers and other food producers to sell their products, the market is home to vintage stores, boutiques and events such as concerts and film screenings. The traditional farmers market is open year-round on Saturdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. If the fresh produce, craft items and entertainment aren't enough to entice you, they also operate the only Bloody Mary and mimosa bar at any local market!

2. OSU-OKC Farmers Market
400 N. Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City 73107

Every item at this market on the Oklahoma State University campus is grown or made in-state. Much of the produce, eggs, meats and dairy items sold here are certified organic. Treat yourself with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or a purchase of handmade skin care products. The Saturday morning market is open year-round, while a Wednesday morning market is added during the summer months.

3. Oklahoma Food Cooperative
1305 SW 2nd
Oklahoma City 72712

The Oklahoma Food Coop is something like a credit union for produce. A one-time membership charge of $51.75 buys you an actual share in the organization. If you choose to leave at any time, the coop buys the share back. All items sold through the coop must be made or grown in Oklahoma and they're subject to strict quality standards. Members place monthly orders online for home delivery, or you may pick up your items at one of three OKC distribution centers.

4. Urban Organics

This OKC coop sells 100 percent organic produce along with other natural products such as grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and fresh eggs. When you apply for membership, you select full- or half-shares and any other items you may want to add. Pick-up dates are every two weeks at one of three OKC locations. The website is also a source of creative recipes that incorporate the produce available through the coop.

What fruits and vegetables do you most look forward to during the summer? Share your tasty choices in the comments!

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