Having a BBQ This Weekend? Here Are 4 Great Meat Markets in Oklahoma City

Jean Jones
June 24, 2015


With cattle being the number one agricultural commodity in Oklahoma, it's little surprise that there are some great meat markets in Oklahoma City. These shops feature top-quality products along with skilled butchers who are happy to answer your questions. Why not check out one of these meat markets on your next shopping trip?

1. Rogers Meat Market
1925 SE 29th Street

Rogers Meat Market is a family-owned shop that has been in business since 1954. Their signature item is their old-fashioned hot links made from a secret recipe. The sausages come in a number of varieties such as extra-hot, smoked and Polish as well as cheese hot links. All are made with beef and pork and no fillers. Hunters will appreciate their deer and elk processing service.

2. Bill Kamp's Meat Market
7310 N. Western Avenue

With more than 100 years of operation, Bill Kamp's is an OKC institution. Customers keep coming back for the first-class quality and exceptional customer service. Don't want to do the cooking yourself? The deli counter has delicious sandwiches with daily lunch specials. Plan your visit for Saturday when their famous BBQ brisket sandwiches are on the menu. Complete your meal with one of their scratch-made salads and side dishes.

3. Cusack Meats
301 SW 12th Street

Yes, there was a Bill Cusack who opened his meat market in 1933. For 31 years they have been one of the select licensed distributors of Certified Angus Beef®. Their roasts, steaks, brisket and prime rib meet standards that exceed USDA Choice and Prime. The website includes a page with heating and preparation instructions along with recipes for main dishes, rubs and sauces.

4. Oklahoma City Meat Co.
300 S. Klein

The straightforward, no-nonsense name lets you know that meat is the star of the show here. Their mission is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. Wow your friends at your next cookout with burgers made from their ground ribeye and ground sirloin.

Do you have a favorite rub or sauce that makes you the king or queen of the BBQ grill? Tell us about it in the comments!

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