Make Move-in Day in OKC Easy With 4 Smart Tips

July 31, 2017

Make Move-in Day Easy in Oklahoma CityMoving into a new apartment is a big job, but smart planning can make it easier. Try these tips to unpack in record time and settle in quickly. You’ll be a seasoned Springs resident before you know it.

1. Begin with the Essentials

Start the unpacking process with items you need immediately. Keep essentials like clothing, toiletries, towels, and a shower curtain in a suitcase or duffel bag where they’re easily accessible. Separate a box of kitchen basics from the rest, so you’ll have enough plates, cups and cutlery for the family, as well as a pot and skillet for quick meals.

Think through your daily routine and begin by unpacking the items you’ll need to get to school or work. Make your beds. Set up your alarm clock, toaster and coffee pot. Carve out a space for homework, complete with paper, pencils and notebooks.

2. Sort Boxes by Room

Before you start opening boxes, place them in the right location. Ideally, you’ll have clear labels specifying the room and contents. This way, you can stack boxes with shoes and clothing in the closet, and place the contents of your nightstand by your bed. Put each box as close as possible to where it belongs so you’re already organized before you start unpacking.

You can do this even in a cozy studio, like the streamlined units at Springs at Memorial. A handy divider wall still separates your sleeping space and living area, so you know what goes where.

3. Keep it Orderly

Unpack your apartment in order of importance so you can transition to a new home as smoothly as possible. Start with the kitchen so you don’t bust your budget eating out just because you can’t find your slow cooker or spatula. The bathroom and bedroom are next for most, as these give you access to daily comforts like soothing bubble baths or relaxing nighttime reading.

If you work from home or you’re going to school, an office space will take priority. In the spacious three-bedroom apartments at Springs at May Lakes, the third bedroom can easily serve as an office. Set up your desk, computer, printer and other essentials so you’re ready to make your new home the most productive one yet.

Finish off with areas that are primarily for entertainment, such as your living room or a guest room. Hanging your TV, filling bookshelves and organizing your movie collection are among the last things you’ll do.

4. Make it a Party

Packing can be tiresome, but friends make things fun. Turn your move-in week into a series of parties, inviting family and friends over to help. Order a pizza or pick up some tacos, put on great music and make a pitcher of your favorite beverage to spice things up with an agenda that might otherwise seem dull.

What are your tips for getting settled in a new place? Welcome new Springs residents and offer your own advice in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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